SAPO pa´ Nueva York
popurrí: bomberopescadormediadocenadeavestrucespatio
o potpourri:firemanfishermanhalfdozenostrichespatio

info SAPO NY

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parisa mahmoudi dijo...

Hi Ariel
I've missed seeing your Art work.Now I'm here And they are fantastic as usual!!!
I'm going to take participate in tow children book fair,Noma and Bologna.Thus I spend most of my time to be prepared for such occasions.That's why I ignored refreshing my blog and locked it.
But as soon as possible I start to show my new illustrations+photos.

Best Wishes


ariel cortese dijo...


hello! thanks!nivce to see you again.I still cannot enter your blog, but i guess you are busy
Luck for your contests!

I´ll try to post more often, i´ve been working a lot far from computers!

see you!